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For as far back as he can remember, Paul had a dream in his heart for the gifts he had been given -- an ear for music, a talent for lyrics, and a voice for singing.

In 2016, Paul decided to take on a music career professionally as he has began to produce work that is gaining recognition from the industry's elite.

Paul Lubanski has written a recently released Country flavored Rock/Pop album entitled Next Buzz. The album, recorded in Georgia, is available for purchase on hundreds of online sites -- including Amazon and iTunes.

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The album's nine tracks have received much genre acclaim for both its soul-infused lyrics and raw upbeat Outlaw Rock riffs.

Additionally, Paul will be releasing two more songs in June 2017 including "Angels: Much Too Young For Wings" and "The World Needs You." Each have unique appeal according to industry insiders with Angels already drawing international attention as a heartfelt tribute/memorial to the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. just over five years ago.


About Next Buzz

Next Buzz was released on March 10 on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and numerous additional online music stores. 
A mix of pop, soul, rap and outlaw rock — all Country-flavored — the album was recorded recently in the Georgia studio of musician and vocalist John Johnson. It’s on the Rise Above Records label. 
“Perfect Storm” — an outlaw-accented, high-octane Southern rock anthem — is drawing national attention for its raw riffs and outstanding lyrics.
Title track “Next Buzz” is a tribute song written to honor the legacy of Lubanski’s older sister, Denise, who lost her life to heroin addiction. Its bluesy, jazzy, emotion-emitting vibe is deemed “unique” and “beautifully crafted,” according to industry insiders.
Additional song titles are “Altered State,” “Rise Above,” “That Was When,” “Our Love Is Real,” “Life Without Country” and “This Is Our Year.”

Featured Hits on Next Buzz:

  1. Perfect Storm
  2. Rise Above (feat. Jonathan Pugh)
  3. That Was Then
  4. Next Buzz
  5. Altered State
  6. Our Love is Real
  7. Life Without Country
  8. This is Our Year (feat. Jonathan Pugh)
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Paul Lubanski’s single capturing hearts as memorial to Sandy Hook victims

Farmington Hills. Mich., resident Paul Lubanski is gaining national attention for his much-heralded new single “Angels: Much Too Young for Wings.”

The heartfelt track memorializes the lives of the 20 children lost in the Connecticut elementary school shooting tragedy in December 2012.

With Lubanski’s production of empowering lyrics and vocalist John Johnson’s effortlessly smooth vocals, the track is a perfect mix for a powerful melody-fueled tribute.

Musicians and industry leaders have reviewed the track calling it “Captivating and inspiring” and a “Can’t miss hit.

During a recent interview on WJR-Detroit’s The Frank Beckmann Show, after playing “Angels: Much Too Young for Wings” on-air, Beckmann began to tear up.

He described the solo track “Touching...Phenomenal… Incredible.”

The song was recorded recently in the Georgia studio of Johnson on the Rise Above Records Label.

The single’s launch follows Lubanski’s praised debut album “Next Buzz” released March 10 -- A mix of pop, soul, rap and outlaw rock -- all Country-flavored.

“Angels: Much Too Young For Wings” and “The World Needs You” will be available beginning June 1 on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and numerous additional online music stores.

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LISTEN NOW: "My America"

LISTEN NOW: "Angels: Much Too Young For Wings"

LISTEN NOW: "The World Needs You"

LISTEN NOW: "Life Without Country"

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"Paul and Johnny are the embodiment of the
long-lasting Power of the American Dream.  And
their songs sing the tale so melodically, so eloquently.
From crowd-pleasing (Life  Without Country) to poignant
(The Next Buzz) to powerful (Angels: The Ballad of 
Sandy Hook), all are indeed a Celebration of the Spirit
that has made this nation great."
 Frank Dattilo, Stellar Scholars
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Frank Dattilo, Co-Chair, Stellar Scholars:

"The Stellar Scholars motto is: They bring Dreams to Light. The Scholars value Hope. They place even greater currency on Faith. Faith takes imagination and, as you believe for others and for yourself, miracles can happen and they happen everyday. For as long as he could remember, Paul harbored a dream that Providence had gifted him an ear for music, a talent for lyrics, and a voice for singing. As is so often the case, Stellar Scholars has a special propensity for networking and for partnering.

Paul Lubanski and Johnny Johnson.

Johnny Johnson and Paul Lubanski.

Listen to "ANGELS: The Ballad of Sandy Hook."

And listen again and again and you will know how much God cares."

Connect with Paul

Paul Lubanski is available for motivational speaking engagements on behalf of his elite assortment of successful talents - from music to writing and athletics.